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Itp mega mayhem

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im getting a set of ITP new mega mayhem that should be arriving tomorrow. front 27x9-14 and rear 27x11-14. What should i run for tire pressure. I was guessing around 8psi but would like to get some other opinions
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Where'd you get them from?
I thank it would depend on what type of ridding you do, I run the Zilla's but keep about 4psi..
I run 4-5. But I understand on 14's you need to go up a little. I guess it would depend on how pliable the sidewalls are. If the rubber compound is soft then I would guess 7-8. If it is fairly stiff then 5-6 should be good I would think.
im on the verge of deciding witch tires to get and right now the mega's are my number 1 pick. plz post how they turn out i am very intrested in these:D
i set a review on the tire section of the forums. check it out if you have any more questions just ask on that forum
I just bought a set of 26x9x12 and 26x11x12 mayhems and i couldnt be happier with them. Any they look great definitely worth the money.
got the 27 mayhems on 12in rims. had the mudlites prior to these. these bite hard and ride the trails better. running about 6.5psi. i saw the ITP website said use whatever your atv manufacturer recommends for tire pressure. so if you want it specific use that.
anyone looking for a good price on mega mayhems got to motosport.com
I was running at 5 psi in the rear and 7 psi in the front. It worked well for a while but I got in a hole that had something in it and knocked my two front off the rim. I now run them at 10 psi in the rear and 12 psi in the front and haven't driven it much but seems to be better all around
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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