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Jetting and fluids, Sportsman 400

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OK, I have searched the threads and not found exactly what I am looking for. I just purchased a 2012 Sportsman 400, and am setting it up for use primarily OVER 10,000 ft., in Colorado.

This is what I am in the process of doing. If anyone else has dialed in a 400 for high altitude use, please let me know if I am close here. I know it will take some additional fine tuning, but most of the time I live at 6,000 ft, so tuning will have to be done when I am in the high country.

1. Needle jet moved to 2nd slot (was in 3rd).
2. Fuel/air mix: removed brass plug, went all the way in, then 1 1/2 turns out.
3. Ordered two main jets, starting with a 147.5, can drop to a 145 if necessary.
4. Any change to pilot necessary? Recommendation?

Stock air cleaner, stock exhaust, no snorkel.

Now, fluids. I like using aftermarket, so don't bomb me for not using Polaris branded. I believe their is always an equivalent. These are what I am planning to use. If this is wrong, please let me know. Lots of opinions out there, but very hard to find FACTS.

Engine: Synthetic 0w-40
Xmsn: Synthetic 5w-20
Rear Diff: Synthetic 75-90
Front Diff: Synthetic Type F ATF... can use demand drive if this is not a valid equivalent. This was the hardest one to find another option for.

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Use Synthetic ATF in the front, and your trans/rear diff are bolted together, use the same fluid. Run Full syn 5W20 in the trans/rear diff, hear it works well.
Here you go. TXRonnie has over 10,000 miles on his 500X2, his recipe works.


"I run synthetic ATF in the front and 5W20 in the tranny. For oil I have used both Mobile 1 and Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W40. There has been a couple of times Wal Mart has been out of the Mobile 1 so I just got the Shell. It is as good as the Mobile 1. I am going to try the new Castrol Synthetic 0W40 in the 500 next oil change and do an analysis with Blackstone to see how it holds up. I have done one on both the Shell and Mobile 1 and they were always good and I expect no less from the Castrol.

Ronnie "


I appreciate the feedback on the oil. I rode dirt bikes a lot some years ago, but just getting back into off-roading, and new to ATV's, so there is much to learn. Not to mention dialing in a carb on a dirt bike is Soooo much easier than even getting to the carb on my ATV... LOL.

Yes, Mobil 1 is my choice for my road vehicles, so I try to use it.

Thanks, Steve
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