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Killed Transmission?

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I have been using my 200? Ranger 500 with tracks in the heavy snow in North California. Did real well until I tried chewing up a slight incline with really slushy snow after days of melting what started as 4 feet or more. The tracks were slipping so I though is was OK to keep going but lost traction and absolutely no power to wheels (tracks)Was in low range AWD mode. The shift lever is stuck in low gear and is absolutely jammed. Did I scatter the transmission or is it possibly an easy repair.

Or could it be something completely different like the front or rear drive jamming the transmission? Diagnostic suggestions please?
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If the transmission won't shift the problem is not in the drive train - remove and repair the transmission
is there any chance it is something simple or is it likely major damage and best to just get a rebuilt unit?

also it is stuck in my driveway in snow and i can't even winch it out if it is stuck in gear. is it easy to disconnect the transmission from the rear drive and if i put it in one wheel will it then only be disconnected from the front?
i was going forward in low so could it still be the reverse chain? if i can still put it in one wheel drive can i avoid removing the front axels, and then do i need to remove just one rear, if so which one? it is a major bitch to do anything as there is still a foot or two of snow. i forget how this thing is connected but do have the service manual pdf
thanks i will cross my fingers. will look more at the service manual and see if it is possible to remove a top cover or whatever and pull the chain without removing the transmission. if this is feasible instructions might help the manual is not the easiest thing to figure out unless you are following their exact procedure.
it was suggested that i could possible remove chain no 14 if broken and tow the vehicle but i do not see how to do this without removing the transmission first. looks like i need to remove the transmission first?
that is what i was initially thinking. it sort of looks like the rear requires moving transmission forward but i'll read again.
turns pout is is probably just the drive belt. took it off turned the trans input pully a little and it shifts into all gears now.
so i am feeling pretty good about this beast since i can fix it in place and get it home without getting my backhoe stuck trying to drag it to the shop :)

i bought it used and put a lot of effort into getting the tracks mounted so i do want to be good to it for as long as it lasts. it has a significant oil leak from the engine. i was wondering what this typically is. not sure i want to do seals if they are difficult but is there a gasket that is easy? pan gasket for example or even more likely one of the oil lines to the oil cannister? i did pressure wash it to hopefully fine the leak but i think i forget to look after driving it and the skid plate is back on.
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