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I had this thing on order for a couple months, finally came in December and I had some time over the holiday to install.

The bar I bought is this one:
DDM Tuning: HID and LED Lighting

I wanted something that would fit in the opening in the sportsman brushguard for a clean look. The only modifications I had to do was to flip the mounting brackets on the led bar around, and dremel out the metal in between the two mounting holes on the brushguard. I wired it up to a switch on my pod, with a fuse inline with the wiring going to the battery.


Just headlights on low

Just headlights on high

Just led bar

Headlights on low and LED bar

Just LED bar w/ plow up, cuts some light.

Rocker switch. I had to re-do the hole. The first hole I cut lower, and when I went to re-install the pod cover, the underside of the switch hit the handlebar. I didnt think about this before cutting. Live and learn. I eventually will find a new pod cover and do this over as I hate how it looks.

The "led light bar" part of the rocker lights up when light bar is on

Just the led bar

Headlights on low and led bar

Overall the install went pretty smooth. I like the way this looks compared to some I have seen. I didnt want to put some huge light bar on the front. Light output is much better.

Bonus: out on the lake
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