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Lift kits good or Bad?Front only...

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I'm thinking about putting a 2 inch lift kit on my 2009 sportsman 500HO just to level it off, my question is , is it going to hurt anything in the front, tires suspention, axles....and how hard is it to do it,I'm thinking the EZ install 2 inch kit....i want to add a plow to it also and i'm hoping this will beef the lift up...Muddie49
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Muddie goes 2 inch

I see you decided on the 2 inch lift a good choice in my opion, if you want to just level your ride and your going to put on a plow I would say a stiffer springs in the front would be the way to go. I got a plow and stiffer springs would be nice plus you would get a 2inch lift to just the front. How it rides without the plow on in the summer down trails could be a little rougher than what you want . It might be worth checking out. defiantly cheaper then a lift
and you would solve both of your concerns. :rockwoot:
I dont think you would have to worry about your axles or cv joints with a 2inch .
Well i did the 2 inch lift all around...it took me about 2 hours and it turned out pretty good...the ride was alot different and i'm feeling, i'll have to go to a 26 or 27" mudlites with some ITP wheels to calm the ride down...but it was worth it,i'll ride it to my tree stand and see what it really feels like in the fields and woods....when i go bow hunting tomorrow....Muddie49
I highly recomend the xtr itp , And just my opionin 27s would look the best withthat lift .but you might have to do some clutch work with the 550, I didnt on my 850, Has anybody put 27s on a 550 xp any diifference in performance that you noticed?:
I ended up going with the highlifter 2" kit all around on my 07 sportsman 700 last year w/ itp beadlocks and 28" outlaws. I haven't noticed too much of a difference in power. Lost some in the top end (speedo reads about 55 instead of 65 when I got her new), but the lead sled is meant for mud fun, not racing. I'm still running the stock clutch and axles (been about a year) and haven't broke anything yet...but of course I don't romp on the thing in high gear off the line, because I know the outlaws (specially 28s) put extra strain on everything... If I'm going to be on flat surfaces I'll roll in high, but otherwise I keep her in low.
I highly recomend the xtr itp , And just my opionin 27s would look the best withthat lift .but you might have to do some clutch work with the 550, I didnt on my 850, Has anybody put 27s on a 550 xp any diifference in performance that you noticed?:
I agree,the 27's will look better.I put 27" ITP rims and ITP 589 tires on my 07 Sportsman(no lift kit) because they are a little lighter weight than XTR's or Mudlites(on the rear tires) and "suppose" to last longer but you can notice a power loss but not real bad until you hit some of the steeper trails.A clutch kit will cure the power loss.I have a picture of it in the photo section.
Here's what it looks like...the picture does'nt give it justice...all i need now are some Mudlites and ITP's....:wavey:

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Looks good and will definately look better with wheels and tires.
Im like mjohnson it is very clean espically with a handle of muddie. when you get some new rims and tires be sure to include some mud pics too.:poke: It turned out really sharp keep up the good work .
Dudes...it takes me 2 days to clean it and i try to keep it clean....i'm actually laughing while ,i'm type this.....this thing is thick with mud every weekend.....but thanks for the Compliments...:bigok:
Look's great, ought to look better with the new tires and wheels. I'm lovin my Mudlites so far, a lot better in the swamp's then I thought they would do. A pain to keep them clean though before putting the bike back in the garage.
I Have A Sportsman O7 500 HO EFI, I started with IPT C7 14" Wheels, and Mud Lites,
but they look cool, But thet Are to Heavy, There Great Tires But you can get More Argressive Larger tires, That are lighter. I run Run 28" Maxxis Mudzillas, on 14" wheels.
Like The other post I lost Top end By Ten Miles an Hour, But I don't Race Eather.
Also They Bike will Perform Better Once It broke In, and I will also say Polaris is a very Noisey Bike, I thought Mine was messed Up too. But I would Like too Go with a Silver Back Tire,or a out law in a 28 but they are extremely Heavy But i Think I going to do a Clutch Kit For Those. And It also Easy To Break a Axle With those, I seen Alot a ******* Games.
Tires and Wheels came today!!!

Well i recieved the tires and Wheels today...i went with 14 inch ITP's ss108m and Zillas 26 inch tires....26x9x14 in the front and rears are 26x11x14.The ride was alot different with the Zillas, I'll be taking it out on the trails on Sunday too see what they can really do....also the 14 inch wheels looked awsome...so i'm happy....next it will be a clutch kit in the spring...:biggthumpup:MUDDIE49 I'll post pics soon...
pics would be nice muddie. congrats on your new assesories.
Here are the Pictures...

I installed a lift kit and ITP 14 inch wheels and 26 inch Zillas.....I think it turned out pretty nice....MUDDIE49

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looks badass muddie :eclipsee:
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