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Finally got rid of just over 200" of snow that fell this year where I'm at. All week I have been out on the trails just north of Baldwin. They all still have snow or ice in spots on them. The Little Manistee is in the best shape right now. I encountered hard ice and snow followed by sloppy mud with a layer of ice underneath. One day I ventured up onto the Lincoln Hills trail and gave up after a few miles. The snow and ice is hard in spots then all the once you "fall through" and fight your way out of a foot or so of slush. The forecast for the next 3 days is up to 3" of rain and above freezing, so lots of mud should make for some fun trails next week.

Lincoln Hills towards Lincoln Bridge

Coming down the hill by Kings Hwy


Along M37 near Club 37 on the Little Manistee
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