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I bought a 2003 Sportsman 500 for $2000 2 weeks ago. The seller brought it to my house, started it, and ran it around for 5-10 minutes. My son then ran it for 2 hours when it died after he went through a swamp (he wasn't "sure" how much if any water may have been sucked in). We couldn't restart it so the Polaris dealer picked it up. They don't see signs of the usual sucking of water. The upper oil was bad/murky. The lower oil plug was completely empty. They have 2.5 hrs in it so far. They are going to open the head and look at the piston/rings but aren't sure that maybe there are gearcase issues.

Question- how much more $ should I put into this old ATV? They quote around $1000 to bore out for new piston/rings, but not sure about gearcase. If I had to, I could part it out on Ebay- has anyone done this for a whole ATV and does anyone think I could make back maybe $1000? My boys only need something to run around the yard and the neighbors woods (no long trail rides). We also have a 2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 that we bought from a dealer and have had no issues.

I haven't contacted the seller yet, could I have any recourse? My test was very limited, but my knowledge with ATVs is very limited, so I am sure I didn't ask the right questions.

This is quite the "learning" experience so ANY help, thoughts, or suggestions are welcomed!

Kevin in Maine
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