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So i bought this 1996 Magnum 400. It's been sitting for some time but my co-worker says it ran when parked due to fuel issues. I know the motor is not locked up.

It does not run but the guy told me everything wrong with it was related to the fuel system such as the nipple broke off the petcock valve and the fuel pump. The carburetor is clogged up from sitting of course. The brake calipers will need to be taken apart and cleaned and lubed.

I'm not sure what else I might find when I get into it.

Anyway so we put it in neutral and rolled it onto my trailer. I locked it into forward and strapped it down.

So my father and I get home and when I tried to pull the shifter into neutral, it must have went into reverse and stayed there.

For some reason the lock nuts on the rods were backed off. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I disconnected the rods that go from the shifter to the transmission and disengaged the transmission by using a 1/2 wrench on the nuts.

So the problem is not in the transmission but the shifter box.

As of right now I can move it from shifter from forward to reverse but it's real stiff and cannot move it into low range.

Unlike my Xplorer 300, the shifter is REALLY stiff. Unlike my Xplorer the boot was not busted so there is no way water could have gotten into it. This thing appears to use the same shifter as my Xplorer 300.

Any chance I fill it full of PB Blaster and loosen it up?

Which brings another question. The shop manual says to put something like 0W30 motor on it. About 1 ounce.

How are you supposed to get oil in this shifter box? Remove the three star heads and pull the lid off and pour it in?

Sounds like it may just need a good cleaning in kerosene and new oil and might fix the problem.
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