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I have decided to take on an upgrade project for one of the quads.
  • Snorkel
  • Rad kit
  • Battery re-location.
Will be working on this for awhile...
If anyone has any advise, please feel free to throw it out there.

IMG_20200216_115103079_HDR.jpg IMG_20200216_115111254_HDR.jpg IMG_20200217_073920918.jpg IMG_20200217_112146910_HDR.jpg IMG_20200217_112157346_HDR.jpg

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Nice!! What upgrade manufactures are you using??

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Nice!! What upgrade manufactures are you using??
Warrior Snorkel (Like the risers more than anyone else)
The seat sits on the intake plate. The seat's pan is rigid but this still concerns me.

One hose is too short, not allowing the trunk to fully open.
Had to cut the front cover and drill into the trunk pan to allow the hoses more room.
That really doesn't matter as the front trunk is useless at this point.
I Mounted the risers differently, so the elbows under the trunk don't fit well. I will be fabricating this differently.

Wild Boar Rat Kit (On sale $155)
They did not include much for connectors.
The Radiator fill is now under the radiator, which I will be moving that.
Looking to put a LED light bar on it now that the High beam is usless.

CFM Performance airbox (the airbox is more generic IMHO)
This thing took way to long to put in.
The boot was to big on the throttle body.
* I cut the OEM boot and pulled the insert out, trimmed it and used that as a spacer.

The pre-drilled holes are off-center, causing the intake plate to be in the way of the cover.

Had to trim the air intake plate and sealed the plate.
** Giving credit to the seller, he was in contact with me the whole time. Asked for the top plate to make a pattern change and will send me new ones free of charge.

The starter cable is now to short, ordered in covered blocks and longer cables.
Have it set up on one exposed block and the posts are to close for my liking.
Had to order a low profiles battery.
This rattles in the bracket, so have to find some rubber to put under it.

Right now, the only issue I am having is the front console flickers when I give it throttle.
The voltage occupationally runs to 15.1 Volts.
I am assuming this is the regulator sensing higher resistance and sending more voltage.
Will test with the OEM battery and see if the issue is with the new battery.
* will also put the new Battery on a trickle charger and re-test.

Now that the radiator is not in front of the regulator it unprotected. I want to fabricate a shield or move that as well.

It is a learning experience.
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