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I have a 2022 Sportsman 1000xp, looking to put and build a custom trailer hitch, step type thing on my atv for someone to ride on (see picture). Save me your safety concerns, this isn't for the trails, it will be used just for someone to step on and I go down a paved path, the equivalent of playing golf with a cart. Since I will custom build it, thinking of also attaching something adjustable like turnbuckle to the rear bumper so all the weight of the person wont be 100% on the reciver hitch it will be spread out between the hitch and rear bumper.

What is your guess of the max tongue weight of my machine and what part of the machine is the stress being put on? My Hyundai SUV can tow 1700lb with out trailer brakes and 3500lbs with trailer brakes, the truck version with the same trans and engine can do like 5000lb!!! So its not the engine in my SUV that struggles compared to the truck, its the breaks and suspension. Same way the sportsman can tow 1500lbs, it could probably do 10,000lb in low on a flat paved surface with no tongue weight its just the breaks and the hills that would not work.


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