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middle Tennessee

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Anyone on here from middle Tennessee that rides at. Woolys, wheelin in the country or west point. Maybe somewhere I dont know about yet???
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Yep, from Woodbury Tn here. Ride at Prentiss Cooper WMA and Windrock in Oliver Springs TN
Where is Santa Fe TN?
Muary county about 60 miles south of nashville
Near Lewisburg or Columbia?
Come on boys I know theres gotta be more Tennessee boys out there than this.
Went to Windrock with a few buddys yesterday. It was slick and light mud with lots of frozen puddles to ride through. Had a really good time
Taking my son to prentice cooper on Friday. First time there. Any recommended trails? Do they have trail maps?
I've only been there once and didn't see any trail markers or maps. Most of the trails either dead end or loop so you should be OK. With all the people that will probably be around there this weekend you should have plenty of help if you happen to get lost.
Thanks! His first time riding trails through the woods. I showed him some youtube videos and he's super excited! I have a rack bag on back with a seat built in for him...
He should have a really good time there. Not very difficult. and fun to ride. There is one place that drops done a hill with a very steep off camber trail. Don't try it. I crashed there last September and it hurt something awful....not to mention you will have someone on the back. Take him done to Haley creek....you should be able to cross it this time of year, and if not just turn around and go back to the main drive through the WMA. Have fun and be careful...Vandal
Hey guys, I'm going to be coming down from Northern Illinois the first week of October to pick up a sportsman 570 from abernathys in union city TN. My girlfriend and I are looking for a cabin in the woods/mountains, hopefully with a pond on site and relatively close to atv trails. Any suggestions? I Google but there are SO many places I can't make heads or tails. My girlfriend is a beginning rider so simple trails would be best for safety.

If you can reccomendation a riding park and or a cabin rental I'm all ears! We are willing to go anywhere in the state but would prefer somewhere in the central part of the state.

I think most will agree the best trails in TN are in the eastern part. Windrock, Brimstone and Royal Blue are three that will offer great trail riding for all levels of expertise. As far as a lake or pond on site I know of none. I'm sure there is either motels, campgrounds or cabin rental at some of these places. Google them and see what they say. Sorry....the middle of the state doesn't have a lot to offer for trail riding

If you are going to Abernathy's to buy your quad.....google Turkey Bay at land between the lakes. That is about the only good trail system around that area....and I believe its in Kentucky, but very close to the TN-KY border, and is situated between Ky Lake and Lake Barkley, on a very large peninsula. Probably only a two hour or so drive from Union City Tn....maybe less. Good luck
I would check out Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky. The have an OHV area.
Plus camping, cabins.
^^^^^^^^Look up three posts
Thanks for the info. I just reviewed a topographical map of the state and realize the elevation is primarily in the eastern part of the state.
Even though Turkey Bay has low elevation its a good ride with some good hills, some mud and probably some dust this time of year. A good friend of mine lives near there and really likes riding Turkey bay. And this way its not a 5 hour trip to east Tennessee to get to ride something good, plus the lakes are great. There are elk there and Bison and lots of deer. A lot to see at land between the lakes
There is not a lot to ride other than private property in Middle Tennessee, but we always go to east Tennessee for our fall ride. Windrock, Brimstone, and Royal Blue are all great trail rides, plus I'm sure there are a few outlaw trails in east Tn also. I don't know a thing about west TN other than its too flat for me
Yeah i grew up next to windrock, unfortunately i live 5 hours away from there now lol
We travel much farther to go to West Virginia to ride, so its just how bad you really want to ride I guess
Yeah i grew up next to windrock, unfortunately i live 5 hours away from there now lol
We travel much farther to go to West Virginia to ride, so its just how bad you really want to ride I guess
Yeah, i guess i just took it for granted living that close to great riding lol. Out here it's nothing but mud holes, I need more mountains!!
I'm sure you do
From Franklin the closest ORV park is near Columbia Tn about an hour from Franklin, but I don't know their operating day schedule. Other than that you're going to have to drive 2-3 hours for good riding. You have Prentiss Cooper WMA in Whitwell Tn but that will take you 2.5 hours from Franklin. I don't think you can make it to Windrock in 3 hours from Franklin. Prentiss Cooper is good riding and not very difficult so the Wife might feel secure doing a place like that Good luck
If you are going to Royal Blue use the comfort in in Pioneer Tennessee. Much cheaper than renting a cabin and there's a trailhead that you can ride to from the motel, with gas and a Mexican restaurant right there also. I cant help with cabins at windrock. That is always a day trip for me. Windrock is 22.00 a day per person and royal blue is around 30.00 a day for out of state operaters only Riders are free. The place near Franklin is called Woolys OR Park near Columbia tennessee
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