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middle Tennessee

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Anyone on here from middle Tennessee that rides at. Woolys, wheelin in the country or west point. Maybe somewhere I dont know about yet???
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I am looking for recommendations....Wife and I are planning a trip to visit her sister in Franklin, TN next month. I had mentioned to the Mrs that there are a number of Off Road Parks in the area so she wants to take our machines along for the week. Wife has gotten very cautious since she tipped hers over last spring and the sister in law is a novice.

I would like something that is open during the week, but not too far from Nashville area. Windrock sounds good, but 3 hr drive might not work well. Any suggestions as to where to go?
Thank you for the reply! I will look into that one. From what I have been able to find, most places are only open on the weekends. The original plan was to be at my sister in laws on Wednesday. Then the wife and I ride somewhere Thursday and Friday using Franklin as a base. Sister in Law would join us on Saturday.
OK, plans have changed. Probably get to Franklin on Wednesday, but head to Windrock on Thursday and stay the night there. Then head back to Franklin on Friday afternoon. Any recommendations on somewhere to stay near Windrock? Also, what is the name of the place that is an hour from Franklin? Maybe take sister in Law there on Saturday.
Plans changed again. I see both Windrock and Royal Blue have cabins, so I will call them. Thanks again for the info!
Thanks! I booked a cabin at the park....One without plumbing so the cost isn't that bad. I am sure we will go back again since we will only have about 24hrs there. I will remember that for next time.
We enjoyed Ride Royal Blue! We only got to ride Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, but got 4 hrs or so in each day. Great place to ride! Nothing like what we have up north! Staff is helpful and friendly too. I saw other ATVs and some SXS machines, but no bikes or bigger vehicles. !

Next trip I will schedule more time there. We hardly got to explore much of the place in the time we had. Did get to Jennings Cascade and Top of the World. Being from NW Illinois, we never get tired of mountains. Great riding in a beautiful place!
1 - 6 of 94 Posts
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