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middle Tennessee

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Anyone on here from middle Tennessee that rides at. Woolys, wheelin in the country or west point. Maybe somewhere I dont know about yet???
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Anybody know if wheeling in country or woolys is open tomorrow
Woolys is open every weekend and all holidays. 15$ a day no matter what day it is. Wheelin should b open as well
Called wheeling think there closed going to woolys
Have a good ride bro tell me what u think of woolys. Yea its hard to ahold of anyone at wheelin seems like they just dont care anymore unless its a holiday and they're gonna make $$$$$$$ and lots of it
I drive all the way from northern Indiana to ride Windrock. Best in the country IMHO as it's 110000 acres and you have vast diversity of trails and you might not see anyone all day. Trail 57 is legendary but you best bring both your balls and your winch. We even go off park on the west side off trail 60 I think. Then we make our way down the mountain across some private trails and back to trail 11. They give you a great map with lat /long coordinates so all you need is a good GPS and extra fuel and you are in for time of your life. We spend three days there and we cannot ride every trail. Check out youtube "Windrock trail 57". They even have a mine you can drive into if your crazy enough.
Sounds cool I live in Tennessee and I've never even been there
Sounds cool I live in Tennessee and I've never even been there
Place is awesome...we always stay in oak ridge and the trailhead is about a 10 min drive. We always spend 3 days there. Each year it changes due to erosion and we drove everything in the opposite direction this last year. There are many trails you cannot get through without a winch and help. There are also easy trails and intermediate. Been all over and it's our favorite.
Maybe I can get over there one of these days
What's up everyones fingers lock up and they can't type lol hello
Went for another awesome ride at woolys off-road today. I like rides when everything is a little goey lol and wet. Wished I cld share pics but can't get them to upload sry guys not to techy on computers. Buried the 500 HO several times lmao I love it. Now its time for the plastics to come off for good cleaning. Looks like only chance ill get to ride cuz cold ass temps are coming back for a while. YALL NOT RIDIN OR TALKIN ANYMORE COME ON TENNESSEE BOYS
Been riding every weekend, just have not posted pictures. Got them on my Facebook. Riding has been good if you catch the warmer day!
Check out my pictures in my gallery. Just uploaded some new ones.
O yea gotta catch those warm days for sure right now
Wish I could be riding this weekend, last time we went to wooly my wife rolled are brand new 850 xp first time on trails so waiting for it to be fixed now hopfully done by next weekend. I did plan a trip to brimstone the end of march though.
Hope she was ok. U gotta watch woolys its tricky if u dont know where ur going. Me and my buddy are planning a trip somwhere before june. Hes gonna have his 5th kid in june so needless to say he want b doin much riding atfer that lmao. I told him if he needed to sell his 700 let me know first. Woolys hills change a lot with weather too that's what happened to my wife on her 500 ho few years ago atwoolys.
Where part tennessee u from tango
Yea those hills were no joke she is ok just bruised up
Cool tell her I know how she feels lol. Last time I rolled my 500ho I ended up with broke right hand and sore ass ribs. Thankfully a tree stopped my wheeler after one roll no damage at all
Lol she was better but not four wheeler it didnt roll more than two times I believe thank god
It dont take much to hurtem when they roll. Especially if theres any rocks around when it rolls. That's y I dont like stupid knarly hills anymore. All my years riding dirtbikes and racing them it just hurts to damn much anymore when I take lick like that. But ill never stop riding
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