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Missing a hose clamp?

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I noticed my coolant over flow bottle was empty after I picked up my ATV (2022 sportsman 570) so I added some Polaris antifreeze. About an hour later I noticed it was slow dripping from the bottom of the coolant bottle at the hose connection. There isn't a clamp on the hose going to the bottom of the over flow bottle. Does anyone else have a clamp there?
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It's leaking at joint #2 coming out of the hose on the barb. And yes I am just going to put a hose clamp on it but I was wondering if it was supposed to have one from the factory.
Nothing showing a clamp in the diagram.
Where did you find that part diagram? Is that from a public website that it can be downloaded?
Browse just fill in the three tabs on the top of your exact machine
Thank you!
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1 - 4 of 7 Posts