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modern gps

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hey years ago i had a garmin 76csx i believe it was was a nice unit but the screen was just too small i had it mounted on a ram mount and jumped it between my 2 bikes... its time too upgrade.. surely theres something witha larger screeen and a bit easier to use then that out there....what should i be looking at? im thinking i will have to buy a map chip as well... was told backcountry maps for this area (north ontario) is the thing to get.. any suggestions? would like to be able to use it on the sled as well..
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Garmin GPSMap267Cx with Data chip.

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I use a Garmin Zumo 550. Works in all weather, designed to use with gloves...No longer made though.

Many people seem to use ride command now..Can't beat the price.
I use a garmin Montana 750. No issues with dust, water, and shock 2000 miles so far. Best to buy a GPS of FB marketplace or Ebay used. GPS are big money new, much cheaper used. Most people use them once or twice and lose interest or they are used lightly and are not abuses so it's not like buying a used vehicle where you have to worry if someone has taken care or it. As long as it has not been used heavily or offroad, a used GPS is just as good as new most of the time.

I picked one up for a friend on FB marketplace, it was a $500 garmin new, guy used it once hiking and put it back in the box. Talked him down to $250 (cash and immediate pickup talks), you can find lots of situations like this online.
The display on my Garmin GPSmap276cx is bigger than the display on the center screen of the ATV. It is very easily seen with just a glance and it is very bright and visible even in direct sunlight. It accepts data cards which I have many including the ones Garmin makes with very detailed trail and topographical regions of the USA
wow that 276 does look nice but they sure do want a good buck for it. i cant rmb what i paid for my 76csx all those years ago but i thought it was under 3.... yeah this has a much bigger screen but technology has come a long way as well
Heres my thought on cost. Lets say the 276 is $550.00. A 176 is $350. Your spending $350.00 on a GPS Unit so to get the best one it really only costs you $200.00!

You get what you pay for.
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