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more dummy questions

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more dumb questions
89 trail boss 2x4 250 cc
how do i lift up the seat? cant seem to feel a latch or anything under the seat. need to get to the battery.

is a 2 amp charger to big to charge the battery ?

i just got it today. the recoil pull rope is pulled out about or all the way out if i fix that could it start with a totally dead or no battery at all ? i know some motorcycles wont kick start with a dead battery. i will get a manual in the next few weeks but after getting the atv no money to spend on much of anything for now.
if you can help kool
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I looked on babbits parts web sit looks like your latch is located under the seat towards the back of it , to see it for yourself justgoogle babbits .com.
you will be fine with a 2amp charger, its gonna take awhile to charge though, And you should be able to start it with the pull starter with the battery dead
thanks for your help :)
no problem
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