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Hey Ya'll,

Im wantin to build my 450 to keep up with my dad (11' 550XP) and the boys (including 500 and new 850BRP's).

My dad bought the machine new off the showroom floor, was a demonstrator. If I could do it again, I wouldn't as it gave us many problems to begin with, But anyway...

Im wating to squeeze a lil more power out of it, and have more clearance. Future plans are as follows: (my local place for getting ATV parts is Royal Distributing, Im in Canada btw :D)

Homemade Snorkel kit
Heel Clicker clutch kit
HPX Belt
HPI HD Springs
Perfex quad Lift Kit
Magic Power Box
26in Interco Swamp Lites.

My main question is if I snorkel it, Do I have to Re-Jet it? Im more of a diesel kid (kid bein 16), but I do know about gassers. Dyno-Jet has a kit for my machine, just not sure what to do with it LMAO.

My other question would be How hard are the Clutch Kits to install?

Thanks for the help guys, its really appreciated.
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