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Well this past few days was my test for the modifications I made to my machine. I am VERY happy!

I started with the UNI filter, then air box mods. (I used a 800EFI lid) Then exhaust mods, welding up factory outlet and cutting new 1 3/4'' in the center rear of muffler. The re-packing with exhaust matt. Lastly a primary clutch spring change.

My top speed dropped about 5-7 MPH (SO WHAT!) But I gained a lot of grunt!

Before if I wanted to slide in a corner I needed body english and throttle... now only throttle is required. Before there was a little ''lag'' on acceleration, then it took off. Thats gone, it now pulls hard, much closer to the 800's i have driven.

Best part... fuel mileage has IMPROVED!! Before I got about 70 miles to the tank.. now its 90-100 miles! Yesterday we did a honest GPS tracked 100 mile loop, when I got to destination, (+ - 50 miles) my tank needed 1.89 gal to fill to tip top.

My top speed, wide open flat and clear was 64MPH, pulled good all the way. Pops 550 topped out at 53, another 500 topped out at 55-56.

I am very happy and am really liking the louder exhaust. Its not as bad as I thought when I first modified it. YES its louder, but not offensive. Actually, its nice! on the trails its NOT droning at all, just a nice growl.

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