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I'm a new member & hope I'm posting this in the right section to help others.

Symptoms...bike would idle fine...no engine codes...when cold it ran like a bandit...as soon as the fan come on it acted like it had a rev limiter and would tach 4950 rpm's and no more...funny thing no bogging, backfiring etc....turn the key off for 20 seconds and she would run fine for another 2 minutes.

After researching the forums I leaned to a bad fuel pump and tore her down.

I know a lot of members offered advice & choice of fuel pumps...I went with this seller on e-bay even though I'm not an e-bay fan...all he sells is pumps and reviewing the feedback other polaris owners were having luck with them so I ordered & had it in 2 days.

Fitment was fine & came with a free strainer...only issue was the ground wire was now a tad short so I spliced/soldered & used heat shrink to add a longer lead.

While I had her apart I did replaced the plugs and upon inspection noticed the clutch side wire rested on a head bolt..sure enough from vibration the wire was almost exposed...keep an eye out for this as I see this a potential problem down the road.

Got her all back together and took it for a 2 hour run before I put the front pain in the butt plastic on...it's over 90' here..runs absolutely perfect...pure joy.

For others here is where I got the pump..$42 + free 2 day ship...my bike....2004.5 Sportsman 700 efi.

2005 2004 2004 5 Polaris Sportsman EFI 700 Fuel Pump and Strainer | eBay


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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