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Hey guys,

I really need some help here.

I have a 2010 Polaris Sportsman 850XP. A while back the bike just shut off, I tried turning the key back on but there was no power to anything. Checked the fuse box and the 10amp Outswitch fuse was blown. Replaced it with the spare and everything seemed fine. Well that only lasted 5 minutes then it happened again.

The guy I bought it from had all kinds of ridiculous lights, strobes, HIDs, etc. hooked up to it so I figured that maybe one of the wires was pinched or grounding out. I ripped all of that crap off, unhooked all of the lights, even took the lights fuse out. I have traced every wire that I could find and didnt find anywhere that i could be shorting out.

Has anyone ever had this problem or know of any solutions?

I put a 20amp fuse in it and it will run for a while longer but eventually cuts out and there is no power to anything again.

It almost seems that when I push and release the throttle quickly is when it tends to blow the fuse. I have no problems when the bike is idling.

Any insight will help.

Scott B.
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