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Need HELP! Made shit :(

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Hi all.

Yesterday noticed that my battery was weak, so removed it to charge.
Once I hook-it up I noticed the fan working, even if no key was there...
Tried and tried until the fan went off and a small burned smell appeared.

Can you believe that I was hooking the battery with inverted poles?!?!? :((((((

Once connected the battery again, all works fine, but as I was already expecting after the burn smell, I tried to run the 4 wheeler and the fan does not come up now :(

Tried to do some troubleshooting and connected the fan directly to battery and works fine. Found out the cable (red with black strip) from the fan goes to CDI :(

Mostly sure that I burned the CDI, isn't it? :(

Thanks in advance
P.S: Sportsman 500 H.O. from 2004
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What do you mean by sending unit? the thermistor in engine head? Yellow/black wires?
And if yes, I did not understand what you mean. Because from this picture it really says if you unplug it or short wires it will make the fan to run. And it's working as such...
I just notice I see 3.8Kohms coming from the thermistor at current temp 10ºC, I guess it's fine
Thanks latebird ;)
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