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hey newbie here i need some help i bought the service manual and it does not show me where this hose goes ..2003 scrambler 500 4x4 from the oil tank there are 2 hoses that go to crank case 1 in.. and 1 return marked with arrows on crankcase right by those two lines coming out of the crankcase driver side lower there is a nipple above that that has a hose can anyone please tell me where that hose goes? i believe its a one way valve correct me if im wrong vent for crank case is there a breather at the end of this hose or is it just open? also top of oil tank the nipple coming out does that hose run to the airbox? vent for oiltank thanks pics would be awesome all help is greatly appreciated....robg if someone could please take a sec look at their 4 wheeler and tell me what they see.....it would help me out so much...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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