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Need help wiring winch

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I just bought the 570 yesterday and the Polaris winch. The kit instructions do not include anything for the 570; however they are very close. The problem I ran into is that the wiring connector only has 3 posts not 4 like in the instructions. The post on right is all b,ack the post on left is all red and the middle is blank?

How do I connect the winch wires to this?
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Welcome to the board!:med:
Ugh, there should be a black, yellow, blue and red.

I just put one on mine a couple weeks ago, I know there are four on the winch,

black and red go up towards the front of the handlebars to the power supply.

blue and yellow go to the switch you mounted.

if it does not have four, maybe one broke off is there a hole around the other three.
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