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I was given this Polaris Magnum by a good friend that had it sitting around collecting dust and rust. That being said, I cleaned the carburetor, fuel tank, replaced the fuel lines and fuel filter - it sparked right up!!

Now, I'm going through it and looking it over and making a list of parts that need to be replaced. My question(s), as a newbie with a little bit of knowledge on small engine repair, I'd like to know what's important to change/replace first?

Here's where I'm at with replacement parts:
- Exhaust system - it's all rusted out.
- Air box stand (broken)
- Foam air filter - goes on end of air box
- Foam seal - goes on end of air box
- Petcock/fuel valve - has a small leak
- 1/8" Fuel line - from top of gas tank that runs off to the bottom of the ATV
- In-line breather - from crankcase to air box (is this a must)

Here's where I'm at with maintenance:
- Needs a new spark plug
- Needs oil & oil filter
- Needs air filter
- Replaced the fuel filter
- Replaced fuel lines - from carb to fuel tank
- Cleaned out fuel tank

I'll update the forum on other parts/maintenance that I may need (i.e. brakes, tires, etc.) once I getting it to riding status, but if I'm missing something or you all recommend I check other stuff prior to that, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Last but not least, where do you all suggest I buy replacement parts?

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Seems to me you are on the right track with this project! Some of the parts you can get used and be just fine. Others you will want to go new. Bearings and seals should be new. Carb rebuild, fuel lines etc the same. Hard parts like Exhaust and intake could be gotten used for less $$ and work just fine. Ebay would be a good place to start. Or check out PowersportsNation.com They are a salvage yard for ATVs and do list on Ebay. I have gotten things from them and have had good luck.

Fuel petcock is a crap shoot to get used. I just got one new for my 600 since it was leaking through the stem. With a used one, you might be taking a chance that the replacement would give you the same problem in a short time. Have to check parts availability, but you might be able to get the parts to rebuild it. Mine wasn't.

Good luck!
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