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New HD Front Springs... broken CV both sides. RElated?

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I installed new heavy duty ESI SUSPENSION SPRING - HEAVY DUTY - WE320010 on the front of my 2017 570. It lifted it significantly. a few rides later I noticed no AWD and saw the front axels spinning. I've puled them of and the CV joints are destroyed. Before I go put new axels in, I'm wondering if the lift from the springs could have been the cause? If so, do I need to do something to limit the lift? Or does this happen to be coincidence as I see there seems to be a lot of broken CV issues.
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the increased angle will for sure make them wear why faster i dont think brand new ones would last any better it sounds like the whole thing pulled apart so you may need to get longer ones so they dont pull the cv apart the added Hight means they are spread out farther from point a to b
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