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Hey, how's it going?

I'm a new member looking to get some advice before I go to check out a '14 Sportsman 800. I wanted to get input from you guys that have experience with Polaris machines. I've been riding my whole life, dirt bikes and atvs... Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, but never Polaris. I'm looking for advice on what I should be looking for, any common issues, really any general advice. I couldn't find many reviews of the Sportsman 800 online, so and general reviews on quality/reliability would be great too.

A little info on the machine.

-2014 800 EFI
-640 miles, 77hrs.
-Asking price is $5500

Couple add ons: (nothing major)
-Aftermarket wheels with Maxxis tires
-Front and rear brush bumpers
-LED lights

Probably going to see it in the next couple days. I'll make sure to check out all the basics... Fluids, front end, tires, suspension etc. Plus anything else you guys recommend.

Thanks for any advice on advance!
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