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Hi Guys. Obviously I'm new to the site. I ride sleds (95 Formula Z, 96 XLT) Harleys(85 Low Rider, 78 FLH, 98 Road King) and Wheelers (85 Honda 2ooS and 91 Polaris 350 Liquid) The 350 L is named "Frank" because it's a Frankenwheeler. 91 350L chassis with an 87 John Deere 250 Sprintfire motor in it. Don't ask me, I didn't put it in there, but it works pretty good as a beater for the wife to learn on.

Any chance I can get you guys to help me with a wheeler problem? I'm thinking of looking at a wheeler, but need pointers on an issue it has. Here is the thread:

P.S. The XLT, Road King, FLH and Frank are the wifes toys. ;)

Thanks Guys!
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