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Hello! I recently joined the Polaris family with a 2014 Sportsman 850 Touring. It's nearly new, only 30hrs and 200ish miles. So far I'm loving it, and my wife is loving the comfy backseat!

I had a couple questions that hopefully someone here can help with.

1. There is a whine coming from the front left, it gets worse when climbing a hill and is present in neutral when rolling w/engine off. Any thoughts on what to look for or try first?

2. Is there an easy trick to cleaning the undercarriage? It seems to get grass and such stuck up there and the drainage holes aren't big enough to let it out. Just elevate it and dig around I guess?

3. Would anyone happen to have the service manual I could get a copy of? Can't seem to find it online anywhere!

Thanks in advance, look forward to talking with you all!


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new machine!

1, Time to check the front wheel bearings and I would change the fluid in the front diff.
2. No easy trick, but it does work better with a pressure washer if you have the machine elevated. I leave mine on the trailer if I can.
3. I bought a service manual for mine from Polaris. That was the only one I could find

Good luck with your 850!
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