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New to Polaris ATV's

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Good Afternoon. I am new to Polaris ATV's and searching for a little information that participating in a forum like this always seems to bring.

Late last year I purchased a 2014 Touring 850 - it seems like a great machine. The unit I purchased was not equipped with a winch. Before going out for any serious fun / work I figured this would a must for a middle aged dude to have in place.

I recently ordered the appropriate 3500 Polaris kit (2880435) that was recommended on Polaris' website and I just received earlier in the week.

Here is where my problem starts - the instructions and all information on the web is indicating the wiring already being included in the factory wiring harness for both the handle bar switch and the small two pin connector at the winch. After inspecting my chassis very carefully, I am convinced this wiring in NOT in my factory harness.

I am certain many of you have installed factory winches before and perhaps have run into this situation. Any advice for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.

With Kindest Regards,
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Ok, some of the machines came wired for a winch and some didn't. I think depending on the year and model. If it is, there will be 2 battery cables with a molded connection at the front end that will have both battery terminals for the contactor connection. If you don't have it, then you will have to run the battery cables up to the front for the connection at the Contactor. The winch switch mounts to the handlebar on the left side ahead of the grip and brake. Find the orange/white wires in the headlight pod for your switched 12v source.

If your machine didn't come pre-wired, you might have to get a wiring kit from Polaris if the winch kit doesn't have it included. I think the winch switch and wiring will be in with the winch, but the battery cables for the contactor will not. You can always go to farm and fleet or whatever store has small engine stuff and get cables that are long enough too.
Looks like the number you gave is an integrated winch kit for 2015-2018 850 Touring. You'll have to buy or make the cables and mount the included switch. Your machine doesn't have the integrated switch and things for plug n play.
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