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new to the forum and atvs (850xp)

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How I ended up with a polaris 850 xp. The word overkill is an understatement with me usually. I needed something I plow my driveway, by the way I am from Ontario, Canada, it is maybe 3 times the size of a standard subdivision house (still small compared to some of the country homes out there). I live in a small town just outside of a big town just outside of capital city. Not really country, they still can fine you if you drive your atv along the roads. Anyways I was going to buy an enclosed tractor / backhoe to plow my little driveway and it took all summer to talk me out of it! the next plan was a new 2011 f250 kingranch with the new diesel and a v plow... finally I was talked into getting a atv for the job as I already have 3 vehicles (one being a 2wheeldrive pickup)

I have owned victory motorcycles in the past and had a good working relationship with my local polaris dealers it was a no brainer for me, Get the most powerfully machine on the market. For the small increase in price over the 550 I think the gain of 25+hp is worth it. when you compare the cost of horse power gain in cars where else will you a find a 70%+ hp gain for roughly $1000!

Anyways I am a huge offroader and love my jeep on 38s but since I took possession of this atv I have been on it very chance I got! Love it

I got the browning edition with front back and side guards, 5foot plow, trailer most of the other stuff I wanted came with the browning.
Love it worth every penny

I don’t know what the point of this story is as I read it back to me but just wanted to share my experience I guess.
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Good to hear your having fun with it!!

I too have been a jeeper. Pretty hard core for a while there too own five at one time two hard core wheelers. Fully locked geared suspended. I have since sold all but my baby since buying my 700. Total change of life kinda thing to me but I too love it!!!
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