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I am working on a 2004 trailboss 330 transmission. The output shaft broke in half. I ordered a new shaft and a couple of seals and bearings. The shaft is slightly different than the one I removed. I looked up the 2003 trailboss 300 parts guide and it states the shaft has been substituted by a new number. (So I guess I must have an older style transmission) The shaft has changed number and the splines are longer and has a thinner shoulder that separates the 2 gears, AND gear 39 has a new part number, but no one can tell me the difference...Question is, Can I use the new shaft with the old gear?

I have been Emailing TEAM, they build the transmission for Polaris, but told me they are stumped and don't design it. Emailed Polaris, but no response yet. Called local dealer, he took my name and number, hopefully he calls back.

Help, the snow outside is melting and I want to have it back together and running by then.

Part 40 is the shaft, part 39 is the gear in the hyperlink below.

Polaris ATV Parts 2003 A03CA32AA TRAIL BOSS 330 GEARCASE - A03CA32AA Diagram
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