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Please help, I am a capable mechanic but not a Polaris wizard. Father-in-law has a 6x6 Magnum that he left sitting. Now I have everything working except the clutch won't slip.
When put into any gear, it moves. Holding the brake stalls the motor.
What is the mechanism for slipping at idle? Is it just the free play on the belt?
He may have put a new belt on it before parking it.
I have the manual but it just doesn't seem to mention how it slips at idle.
I saw a mention of adding/removing shims to get belt tension right. Is that what I need to do? Do I need special tools or can I fake it?

I have the cover off. I can see the drive and driven clutches change diameter as I accelerate and change speeds.

Please, I need a clue!
Thanks, David.
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