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i'm hoping someone can help me out... My 4x4 doesn't work (02 sportsman 400) but there is full power to both hubs. Armature plates and Hilliard clutches are brand new, filled hubs correctly. They magnatize as they should and have correct hub fluid. On jacks I can stop both tires with my hand.

New: Hall effect sensor, Hilliard clutches, armature plates, right fluid/correct amount, bypassed speedo, grounded hub wiring ect.

Another question. Where the splines / rollers on the Hilliard clutch are.. Should there be some notches on the inside of the hub for these rollers to set into when awd engages??

The speedo lights up, shows hours and Kim's ect but the needle won't move. (Speedo is bypasses anyways)

Because with the hub (cover?) itself off, I can see that the rollers move up when the hex nut spins on the axle... I've done the grounding re wiring, grounded the speedo out.. Awd light works, gear selector indicator works, power to the armature plates... Fully/properly magnatized ect. Someone please help :(

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Nobody knows?? Where is the knowledge?

Hey there,

I've been searching and searching around for someone with an actual answer to this and its friggn frustrating to read a bunch of crap that all leads to the same thing... spending more on a machine that you should.

If you need to buy 1000's in parts and waste your weekend fixing this thing isn't it time to just buy something quality?

I am looking at CAN Am's problems to see if it's more viable.

I have had a newer polaris and the 1999 that I have now.

The AWD has NEVER worked properly and with the crap design that it is it probably will NEVER.

The seal that "seals" (yeah right) the inside of the hub will wear out very quickly letting mud water into the bearings. = dirt grime = screwed bearings.

Once that hilliard gets lubed with grit and that grit shaves precious mm's off the inside of the hubs and the rollers themselves it all goes to crap.

As well the fancy "electromagnet" another source of pain, the armature that grabs the Hilliard will surely chew that into an oblivion when one or both of the bearings implode due to once again grit, poor maintenance, or both.

The hair of a wire that feeds the power to the electromagnets is ridiculous.

Someone NEEDS to make a manual locking hub for these to save them as the rest of the bike is awesome in my opinion.

I cannot plow with my bike because I rarely get awd to work. When it does it's only for a short time and 100's of dollars to fix EACH time.

I may as well have a payment on a new bike at this point as this old cow is sucking my wallet dry and the "tech support" sucks butt.

my list of why the AWD does not work on Sportmans 98-?? is thus:

1- Hilliard clutch wear on the hubs (rollers and hubs inside as well)
2- Electrical to the armature or the armature is set wrong or is toast.
3- speedometer issue???
4- armature plate toast (bent, sheared,worn)
5- bearing failure
6- awd switch issue
7- gear select switch issue
8- front diff screwed on one side
9- ujoints broke
10- lots more that peeps can chime in on.

Yes I am Jaded.

100's of hours of riding and an equal number of fixing.

I hate looking at honda's but my friends are never fixing them, only riding them.

I am headed to Can of Ham as I think they are the most progressive company out there on these and plus they are North american not Jap, so keeping my money on this side of the planet.

cheers and good luck with the AWD miracle.
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