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hey guys/girls, just picked up a 94 sportsman 400 4x4 with 778 original miles on it. i am a certified diesel engine tech, but i have never touched a small engine/drivetrain/chassis to do anything other than change the oil for the most part. probably gonna be askin a bunch of advice from you guys, so thanks in advance for the guidance.

first thing first, losing coolant, vaporing through the exhaust and fouling the plug.....previous owner said head gasket has already been changed. it's a 2 stroke so i cant check to see if it's dropping in the oil pan.... do you guys think a water pump rebuild will take care of it?

second, the bike has been sitting up for a while..... the oil resovoir is clean and has plenty of oil in it, but should i go ahead and mix my oil in my fuel for a while to make sure its feeding from the resovoir enough so as not to take any chances of burning it up? if so, what ratio should i mix it?

where can i find an exhaust that will make this two stroke run quiet like a 4 stroke? it kinda scares the kids to hear the four wheeler sound like my old racing bikes lol....if nothing else, is there an aftermarket dealer where i can find OE type equipment, cuz the exhaust has some leaks?

umm....ok, last one for tonight, the chains on this thing.....how much trouble is it to adjust all 3 of these chains, or to replace the chains and sprockets?

thanks again for any/all advice you guys have
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