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hi guys,
i have a stock 99 sportsman 500, 2 years ago i repalced the whole trans, cause chains were bad in mine, repalced the tensioners too.
put it back together, now it seems the quad only revs about 1/2 way
no weird noises etc or smoke.
i replaced both clutches cause the main clutch has a big crack on the one sheave. i replaced them w/ a non-EBS and belt
also had the cam replaced, far as i know it was done right.
rebuilt carb, new gaskets,jets adj float etc
has a new plug, new oil coolant gas etc
the main clutch was from a 500 magnum, back clutch froma 96 sportsmn 500
this is driving me nuts!
i think its bad carb &/0r the big clutch
how do i eliminate each one to determine what is bad?
it barely has power to climb small hills
i took off the belt and reved it, seems the same
and yes the big clutch does go in and out!
please help!

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