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Hi there. New to the site, loos like there is alot of good information here. I made a search for my problem but did not come up with anything.

Sorry for this long msg, but figure the more information the better for you to understand.

I am having a problem with my Sportsman 2008 Touring efi. When it gets VERY cold (below -10degC) it will not start. Happened to me twice in one week. Here is the history....it was working fine, then one night the temperatures dropped below -10degC. I tried to start the bike and it would not turn over, the dash would light up but nothing else happened. Normally when I turn the key something would click under the seat (I am assuming the fuel pump???) anyway this time nothing. The bike was in park and the kill switch was in the on position. I charged the battery (thinking it may be low) but still nothing and cleaned the terminals for the battery. I then checked and replaced (just to be sure) the four fuses located under the head light, still no change. It was cold out but sunny so I pulled the bike out of the shed to see if it would warm up. A couple hours later I tried the key, and that click was heard under the seat and the bike turned over, but would not start. I pulled the spark plug, and no spark, even tried a new plug but same results (yes I had it grounded). I also know at this point there was no problem with the gas being froze as I could smell gas from the cylinder as the bike turned over. I also keep gas line antifreeze (efi compatible) in my machines in the winter. So I left it a couple more hours and tried it again, and it started. There seems to be some electrical part freezing on me, any ideas what I should check?

Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help, as we are planning a trip to my friends cabin and I would hate to have a breakdown there.
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