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Northern Utah riders out there?

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I'm new to the forum and the area, me and a friend are looking for peoPle to ride with. Any takers? I have a 2011 550 x2 and my friend is running a 2010 420 rancher.
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Hi X2...I live right around the corner from you...Right in Layton and always looking for riding buds...check my sig for my rides..
Awsome! so I am sure your familiar with 5 mile pass right? me and my buddy like to go ride there alot. hell maybe the wknd of the 17 or 18 if the weather is decent we could make a trip somewhere.
I just moved out here from Massachusetts a little over a year ago so never been to 5 mile...been out to Dell,up to Willard Peak and up in Bountiful a bunch of times though...A buddy of mine went to 5 mile with his new side by side a few weeks ago though...I would love to go riding but I need to fix my truck first...just been to cold out to go crawling under it yet...lol
Ok. What all is wrong with your t
ruck if you don't mind me asking.? I am fairly knowledgeable with vehicles.
I have a 1993 Chevy Silverado 350 4X4....I had to put a new starter in it a few weeks back and to get the starter out then back in I had to remove the clutch slave cylinder in the tranny and when I went to put it back in it broke so I bought a new slave...Then when I tried again to put it in the lock pin that holds the line to the slave wouldnt hold, I could just PULL the line out with my hand..and now all the fluid has drained out so I will need to bleed that out...so im kinda stuck with it.... :-(
That sucks..... well if you need a hand with it I could help you out. I know what its like to have a vehicle down. My truck was down for 6 weeks while I put a new transmission in it in the dorm parking lot.
Welcome to the forum guys!
Thanx Corbetchild
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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