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Oil Pump Routing Question

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Where does the automatic oil pump send the oil? Does it go to a line on the Carb or is there a place on the cylinder?
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Mine ended up having the injector in the intake (just before the cylinder). No spot on the carb for the oil at all.
I was wondering but same thing. What year is your quad? I just picked up mine and looks like previous owner messed things up. Mines a 1997. If anybody can post pics of carb vac lines routing that would be great!
I will try and post a picture as soon as I can.

Sounds good thx. Looking for a pipe also if you know anybody?
can I just run separate vac lines for over flow and vac lines on the carb instead of the rounting that's on there from the factory? Mines has what looks like a fuel filter routed in there. Seems like it cause my carb to overflow. When I take those lines off no overflow. Anybody had the same problem? Thx
You can see in my picture on post #5 the vent line routing.

The right hand one loops over the top & hangs down on the left. That's the one that has a small filter attached.

The top rear one goes up to a hole in the frame & it stuck into it to hold it.

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Thx for reply! Here's a pic of mine. I just got it running today. Rebuilt carb because it kept leaking fuel through the throttle needle seat. Only way I got it to stop leaking was to raise my float arms upward. I know there supposed to sit parallel with the carb body but it kept leaking that way ? Still leaked a little after I did that until I took off the 3 vac lines from the carb. Is that weird? Any explanation for that?


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You have nothing vented.

The right hand one, with the filter, goes over the top and hangs on the left side. Quite low, below the engine, about frame level. Vented to atmosphere.

The upper middle line goes into a hole in the frame to keep it in place. Vented to atmosphere.

The bottom one is just a bowl drain. It really isn't even needed, but just hangs down off the bowl.

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Thx cat man!
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