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Outlaw 90 to Sportsman Plastic Swap?

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Outlaw 90 to Sportsman 90 Plastic Swap?

Hello, I'm a newbie. I have my old standby workhorse Polaris Ranger and my kid has a Polaris 90 Outlaw (2010 model which is pretty much the same machine as the new ones). A kid jumped onto my child's Outlaw 90 WITHOUT PERMISSION and proceeded to flip it completely over. He was okay, but, needless to say, I was furious with the "adults" (including my wife) who were supposed to be monitoring the situation and keeping that from happening. As you might expect, he did a number to the plastic. It's broken in 3 or 4 different places. In the meantime, my kid really wishes she had a Polaris Sportsman instead. I was in a dealership recently to get a new steering rod (casualty of the wreck), and I examined both the Outlaw and the Sportsman. They appear to be the EXACT same ATV under the plastic. Can I do the plastic and seat swap since this "opportunity" has presented itself? Has anybody done this? Does anybody have a clue how much a full set of Sportsman 90 plastic costs? Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the board!:med:
Looking to buy a very clean 2010 90 outlaw but the guy says it s not getting spark after it was just running a few days before
Any thoughts as he says he can’t figure it out ???
mom new here
Any help would be appreciated
Spark plug is the most common problem
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