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Good evening all, or good morning.. depending on where you are I suppose.

I have just purchased my 2016 Sportsman 450 HO and badly need a set of Overfenders / Mud Flares whichever you may call them.

So far I have only found the following manufacturer:
OFSPL9000 is their Part Number that fits my bike..

Kimpex are the only Direction2 stockist I see online, and they only ship to the US and Canada..
Only one crowd on eBay seem to have these,
Sportsman 570 Polaris Overfenders Mud Flares Fender 2014 2016 Touring | eBay
and they dont ship outside the US/Canada...

Can anyone shed some light/help me please? I'm getting destroyed on the bike with Mud and I'd like a set!
It's a pain having to get them posted to a friends address in the states and ask them to then go mail them to Ireland...

Any help is appreciated :)

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Try Kolpin, they may still have them. That's where I purchased my set and a set for my buddy.

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