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I am installing a Painless Fuse Block 70107 on my 2011 Polaris Rzr 800. I have the pink wire installed on the accessory fuse in the factory fuse block using the supplied fuse tap. I connected the red wire from the fuse block to my extra battery. I grounded the fuse kit by crimping a ring connector on a ground wire and running to the frame below factory battery where everything is grounded.

I started the Rzr up and none of the wires appear to be hot. I hooked up speakers and a small amp to one of the ignition hot wires (gray) and it is not getting power.

Did I miss something when I installed the fuse tap? Or do I need to run the fuse block directly to the starter battery as opposed to the spare battery? And since I am here was the method I used to ground the fuse block correct?

I should mention I am about a Beginner-Moderate experience level of UTV electrical wiring.
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