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Hello everyone.
I’ve seen a few posts that said you cannot use the front bumper after you install the plow frame mount. I’ve found that not to be true and want to share what I’ve found.

I’m pretty sure Polaris intends the bumper to be reused with the following minor modification, though there does not appear to be instructions for this.

Here we go:

1. First you’re going to need to remove the lower mounting tabs from the bumper. These tabs are the ones that were used to bolt the bumper to the lower frame. Notice there are two other holes in the bumper that were not previously used. These will be used for the new mount later on here. I think these extra holes are one reason Polaris intended the solution I’m outlining here.

2. Now space out the bumper away from the front of the ATV about 3/8 — 1/2. You need to do this because those lower bolt holes on the bumper will not clear the lower frame rail without this. The current upper mounting bolts are plenty long enough. This is the other reason I think Polaris planned this to be done this way. I used flange nuts to accomplish this because the large flange won’t gouge the front plastic. Go ahead and bolt up the bumper using the upper bolts and the spacers.

3. Crawl under the ATV and drill two 17/64 holes through the plow mounting plate using the lower bumper holes for alignment. Look twice before drilling. You don’t want to drill into the lower frame rail. Now tap those two holes with a 8mm x 1.25 pitch tap. This allows you to reuse the lower bumper mount bolts you removed when you took off the bumper.

That’s it! Hopefully the pictures will make all this clear. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

p.s. can we agree to never call these machines “Scramys”? That sounds like a Saturday morning kids show. :approve:


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