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Hello i'm hoping some one can Help me with the wiring and replacement of the map sensor wiring on my 2005 700 efi sportsman.

the plug was ripped of by previous owner ..

I found all 4 wires 22awg . i have to figure out what color goes to what pin on the bosh map sensor and install a new plug
the wire colors i have are

( red )
( pinkish red )
( Red with White stripe)
( purple possibly with a White stripe).

4 wires i'm to under stand that one is a

(V-out) one is
(5v) and another The Signal or
(sensor) output and the last being

any one have a photo of these wires on there pulg or schematic or repair notes that show the order Hoping some one has the same wheeler as me and we could just match the colors and where they go from there ..



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