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Polaris 850 vs yamaha 700 grizzly

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I want to know which it a better pick. I would just be riding in flat land and trails no mudding. I also wanna know which is faster and is it by a lot? Also which has easier maintanence
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You rode a Sportsman 1000 for 75 miles and still had 3/4 of a tank left?

The last time I went riding with my 850, we rode something like 40 miles and I'm pretty sure I had less than a half tank left, and I started with a full tank. I'm talking even the filler neck was full right to just an inch or two below the cap.

What's everyone else getting for mileage on their 850/1000 machines?
If i was riding downhill for 75 miles I don’t think I’d have 3/4’s of a tank left, I have a 21 sportsman 850.
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