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Polaris 850 vs yamaha 700 grizzly

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I want to know which it a better pick. I would just be riding in flat land and trails no mudding. I also wanna know which is faster and is it by a lot? Also which has easier maintanence
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My only complaint with Polaris is I hate the CVT tranny for descending a hill, especially if most of your riding is on mountain back woods. Polaris is going to have way more power and comfort. If the grizzly doesn't have a cvt and is a standard transmission, it will do 100% better going up and down steep trails. Its really hard to control the CVT in those applications, unless they did something in newer models to control descent which isn't on my 2014 sportsman 800efi. Its a VERY white knuckle ride down a steep trail. If most of my current riding was crawling around the mountains and I was going to buy another atv, it wouldnt be a polaris... I would buy an ATV with a manual gearbox. My riding now is mostly desert since i moved, so my Polaris is prefect for that.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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