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Polaris ATV Forum July 2022 Colorado Trip

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For all of you that may need to pick vacations for next year, July 20-31, 2022 will be the ride dates for out west.

Unknown at this time if we will ride in Colorado, Utah, or Arizona or a combination of all 3 states.

Any input for preference for planning purposes will be appreciated.

What is known at this time is you will need extra gas, a tent, camera, food to share, a ATV/UTV in good mechanical condition and want to ride and explore some beautiful scenery and have fun doing it.
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I was elected to post a “Bring your own” clarification list, the fact that I’m the author has nothing to do with selection, several members made contributions, I drew short straw.
-white Zinfandel
-face cream
-hair dryer or dye
-nail file
-face or body pillows
That's quite the list. And a bit extravagant for ATV tent camping.
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