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I have a 2002 Polaris Magnum 325 4x4.. and lately i;ve been using it to carry heavy equipment on the rear, but when i Try to make turns to the left or right, it feels like its going straight and slowly going to the left. So instead of it going sharply to the left or right it makes like a wider turn.
The rear can carry about 180lbs , and so far i haven't exceeded that .. maybe like 150lbs. So is it making those wider turns because it has a heavy equipment on the back or what?

2) Also both wheel lock-up to the right. lets say im riding ,without carrying anything in the rear, the handle bars start getting harder and move the right and stay there until i turn it on and off a couple times.. this happens rarely though. What could this be?

3) Im Sort of a new owner, never had a 4-wheeler before. So im confused, is the thing that looks like a clutch a "clutch or foot break"? i would always step on it to change gears, but Someone told me it was a and auxiliary foot break or something like that.

help is greatly appreciated!!
thank you
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