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Polaris drive belt question

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When I got my sportsman 800 I did routine maintenance on it and changed the belt just to be safe. The belt number of the belt that was on it was 321162 (a Polaris belt) and it was significantly different than the belt that the dealer sold me. Meaning the belt I removed seemed heavier duty than the Polaris belt I purchased. My question is can I go back with that same belt? When I search the part number it shows the belt for a rzr or Ranger. If it won’t harm the bike I’d rather the heavier duty one, but if it is different then I’ll just stay with the same one I have from the Polaris dealer which is part number 3211113
Thanks is advance for the help!
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3211113 is the standard stock belt, and 3212328 is the “heavy duty” belt. The heavy duty is almost $80 more expensive. Take your pick.
@Scrappy507 thanks! But the belt that was on my bike was 321162. I have seen the HD belts, but this one shows up as the belt for rzr’s and rangers, and it is definitely a thicker heavier duty belt. If it’s the same size I would just ask for that part number if it won’t mess anything up by using it.
I personally wouldn’t. I’d pick from the two part numbers. Just because it’s thicker doesn’t mean it’s more durable, It’s just a different dimension. You might be losing some top speed by it not dropping all the way down into the sheaves.
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If it's the wrong part number than don't use it.
Myself I would use a Gates carbon belt.
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