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Twin Cities Business - Polaris Is Trailblazing Again, This Time Overseas

While this article is six months old it makes me think Polaris will be a serious play in the ATV market for years to come. Being new to Polaris this is all news to me.



“If we had not made that investment [in Mexico], we would not have had the capacity to deliver the growth we’ve delivered over the past three years,” Wine says. Moving some production south of the Rio Grande was about logistics, not labor, he insists. “We spend more shipping products around the world on inbound and outbound freight than we do on labor,” Wine says. “Part of [opening the Monterrey plant] was being closer to the customers in the southern half of the United States,” as well as those in Latin America.


Wine says he’d like to see Polaris’ sales from outside the United States reach 30 to 33 percent of its total; when he joined the company, it had 15 percent of our sales outside North America, he says. Since then, Polaris has added $150 million in sales in Latin America and overseas. It has offices in Brazil and China, and is working with a strategic partner in India; in 2010, it opened a European headquarters in Switzerland. In 2010, Polaris acquired Swissauto Powersports, an engine-design firm. (Swissauto’s automotive business wasn’t part of the acquisition.) Swissauto Powersports’ focus will be designing products for the European market.
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