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Need Help Please. I have a 2016 Phoenix 200 bought it new. In October 2019 the unit did not shift into gear. Keep in mind this is not driven constantly and is just back yard fun for my daughter and kept under cover always. The dealer said that mice got into the transmission and the motor was shot. Told me parts alone were $2500. When I asked how they could get into the motor, I was told that this was common problem and if was stored in a garage or shed, it would occur again. I am very confused and have motor cycles and other items stored in this same location. Beyond better judgement, I told them to fix it. It is now January and the dealer still has not repaired this as supposedly the parts are on back order.

Anyone have any comments!!!!

Even though it says Polaris on it, it is a Chinese Aeon or similar. The 'transmission' is a CVT (two clutches and a belt) - mice can get in and chew the belt - about a $100 fix depending on the brand of belt and who does the work.

As far as the engine being shot - I suspect he lied out his azz. As far as having it 3 months, that is a normal wait for my shop - as far as the parts being on BO? It's possible, but I can get the parts for the Chinese machines from Aeon, Eton and other suppliers without having to wait on Polaris to get them from China.

If it were mine, I would get it back ASAP - find out what parts are needed and get them from another source then find an independent mechanic to work on it. Worse come to worse - ship me the motor and I will fix it for the cost of parts and shipping plus $100. I'll have it back to you within 4 weeks.

BTW - the gear box is basically sealed - the gear box is the actual transmission - selects forward and reverse only and is filled with oil - if mice could get into it, they would drown in the oil. CVT stands for Constant Variable Transmission - in the Chinese machine, the front clutch is referred to as the variator and the driven clutch is a centrifugal clutch unit.
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